Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Museum Of The Moving Image Activity

Going to the museum of the moving image was a blast. I enjoyed walking through and observing the exhibitions that they had. On top of that, the tour guide was helpful and informative.  In the very beginning we looked at a couple old school ways of filmmaking. We learned how films were made back then, and how the process of taking numerous stills in quick succession was needed. One of the very enjoyable attractions was taking your own stills and making a short little flip book that caught what you did in front of the camera. My friends Steve, Chmaj, and I decided to test out this fun gizmo. We walked in front of the camera and set ourselves up accordingly. The tour guide pressed some fancy button and a countdown of five seconds began. As it reached zero, we were being photographed extremely fast. To have fun with it we decided to attempt the French can-can. Unfortunately, we were not prepared and heavily uncoordinated. The result though, was hilarious. We went home with a fun, memorable, flip book of the attempted can-can. 

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